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Customised Avaya & Cisco training that's relevant to your business requirements

Telephone users…do you have a question?

How do I transfer a call? How can I forward to my home number? What does MSB mean?

Voicemail Users…do you have a Voicemail questions?

Can I re-record my Greeting? How do I change my password? Can I access my mailbox remotely?

Handset users…do you have a Handset question?

How do I transfer a call? Where do I plug in my headset? How can I forward to my mobile? What does DND mean?

Softphone users…do you have a pc softphone question?

How do I log on? Can I use my softphone at home? Can I use my airpods? Can I see my colleagues are away from their desk?

Mobile App users…do you have a question

Will it work on my Android mobile? Will it use my data? Can I see my colleague’s presence? Can I instant message my colleagues? Can I dial my mobile contacts via my app?

Call Center Managers…do you have a question?

How do I view my agents live? How can I check we are reaching our service level? How do I create a Wallboard? How do I schedule a report? What is average waiting time calculated? How many calls did we answer last week? How is service level calculated?

Telecoms and IT support staff…do you have a question?

What’s the difference between a Pickup Group and a Hunt Group? How do create an Auto Attendant? How do I change the Music on Hold? How do I route a new DDI to HR Dept? How do I create a Group Mailbox? How do I bar International dialling? How do I program user buttons?

"The trainer invested a lot of time in advance of the course to get familiar with our procedures, our set-up and what we wanted to achieve. The course was delivered professionally, in a friendly open atmosphere with hands on exercises, which made the session interesting for the participants. A customised course tailored to our business needs and participants felt at ease and able to speak their minds."

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