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We help you to decide if the features of Microsoft Teams will bring sufficient benefits to your organisation. We work with you to present, explore and critique the many feature offerings so you are fully educated on their relevance to you.

Solution Design

Our engineers will conduct workshops with IT, users and management for full discovery, to determine requirements and build a solid solution design. This architecture developed can include High Availability and Disaster Recovery scenarios.

Network Design

Your network is the most critical element to get right for success. We will review your current network and advise on the areas that need to be improved. The review will include network, WiFi, VPN, routers, proxy, remote offices, home workers, firewalls, etc.

Device Selection

We will advise, select and source Teams compatible devices such as phones, conference units, video conferencing equipment, and even door phones or fax machines.

PSTN Connection

We will organise your inbound calls to come through any number of phone numbers, spread throughout the world if you like. And for your outbound calls to go via competitively priced carriers. And we can change the carriers for you as better deals become available. Emergency calls plan.

Telephony Integration

We will set up the required connections to other new or existing systems such as Contact Centre, Call Recording, PBX or conferencing systems.

Contact Centre

We can include Contact Centre functionality such as intelligent routing, IVR, omnichannel, queues, agent groups, reports and displays.


Proper testing before go-live will ensure a smooth day 1. You need a test plan, test cases and testing resources. We can help with all of that.


Whether it be in the planning stage, or before go-live, training is key to a successful outcome. We will plan training, prepare training materials with you and can deliver the trainng as train-the-trainer, or directly to end users or IT staff.

Managed Service

This includes network monitoring for quality, feature management and user management and ongoing changes to the solution and its components.

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Custom Design

Have exactly the features or integrations you need. We have 20 years experience developing custom features and integrations for telephony related projects. We can develop custom integrations from Teams to other systems or CRMs. We can delvelop custom features that you need that are missing from Microsoft Teams.


Support is what we do BEST. Our support people are all expert and hands-on under pressure. We answer the phone and we solve your issue. Simple as that. We will provide a tailored support package that will respond to all issues and queries under your own SLA. We can provide special support to cover the first few days of go-live..

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