Q Buddy Visual IVR is the call centre front-end of the future,
available to integrate with any PBX or call centre,
such as Nortel, Avaya or Cisco.

The Q Buddy system consists of a Visual IVR mobile phone app, combined with call centre integration. Users of the app can bypass the normal call centre announcements and get enhanced self-service options, such as balance display, or hold-in-queue callback. A lot more call centre customers using self-service, means a lot less calls for the call centre staff to handle

For the Call Centre - Delivers many more callers using self-service, which means less calls and shorter calls for your agents to handle.

For the Customer - No more queueing, no more annoying IVR systems - just superior service.

You know, if you claim to be the call centre of the future, you better deliver on the hype. Q Buddy delivers !


Q Buddy is a CT-Solution Logo product.

Designed and developed by: EarlySail