SimpleDial - Outbound Diallers
If you have more than 2 agents on outbound calling, you need a Dialler.

Top 5 reasons to buy a Dialler:

  • Efficiency for collections, renewals, telesales, telemarketing, surveys, etc.
  • 50-300% efficiency improvement
  • Management control via reports & Displays
  • Agent utilisation through blending of inbound and outbound
  • Do not call regulation compliance

Top 5 Reasons to buy SimpleDial:

  1. Avaya and Cisco Certified and proven
  2. Includes CRM Screen Pop, for ANY CRM - Your agents see the record in the CRM of the customer
    being called. This will be a major cost with other diallers.
  3. Ultra-reliable software only system
  4. Best ROI in its class - Affordable for 2 to 200 agents. SimpleDial has a typical ROI of less than 6 months
  5. Locally supported and distributed by premium distributors

Some of the advanced features of SimpleDial are:
- Blending - seamlessly move agents between inbound and outbound as demand changes.
- Multi-number dial - best number to call, best time to call.
- Integrated "Call Guide" or "Call Script" for the agent to use to guide them through the call.
- Multiple campaigns run simultaneously, using time-of-day and prioritised activation.
- Preview, Progressive and Predictive modes
- Automatic data import - Data import tool connects to any CRM
- Do-not-call list screening
- Open database to create any possible report, including linking with your CRM data
- Manage callback promises in the Dialler
- Real-time display of campaign progress.
- Can check with CRM before calling a customer, to make sure the call still required

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Some SimpleDial Customers:
- Orange in Cyprus install SimpleDial on Nortel BCM

- Predictive Dialler driving collections efficiency at Raiffeisen Bank, Bucharest.

- AON use SimpleDial to capture sales from web enquiries.

- Liberty Insurance keep renewals using SimpleDial

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