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Keeping your customers waiting in queues is costly for your business.

Keeping customers in the call queues has wider cost and performance implications than many businesses recognize. Customer dissatisfaction adversely effects your reputation and leaves a lasting impression of your organization. In today's economic environment, if you depend on your customers for sales, then lost calls will ultimately reduce your profits.

Callbacks Q4U allows inbound customers and browsers on your website to elect to receive a return call rather than waiting on hold. This results in increased satisfaction for the customer and reduced operating costs for the call center.

If your sales line has 10 or more abandoned calls per day, Call Centre Callbacks will pay for itself within 6 months. Lost calls DO mean lost sales. Q4U automatically ensures that all callback requests and abandon calls are processed and reduces the risk of your customer dealing with your competition.

For support lines, you can work with less agents while maintaining customer service levels, thanks to Callbacks ! . This is because Q4U will ensure calls are spread evenly throughout the day, allowing you to redeploy staff to other areas, while maintaing the same customer service level.

A callback option positioned correctly on your website will direct qualified contacts to your sales queue with up to an 85% conversion rate.

Q4U Business Case

  • Does your abandon rate increase during periods of increased inbound traffic?
  • Are your callers more irritable during heavy traffic periods resulting in increased transaction times?
  • Are you getting any business from your website?
  • Are you losing market share due to abandon calls, which are lost?
  • Is your staffing level set to meet peak traffic, resulting in increased idle time during quiet periods?
  • Are you increasing costs by using overtime, outsourcing, or part time staff to manage busy periods?
  • Are agents fully utilized when call volumes drop?
  • Are your customers complaining about "wait time"?
  • Are call durations increasing at peak traffic periods?
  • Are you understaffed during sickdays, holidays, coffee breaks etc?

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Next Steps
CT Solutions are ready to help prove the payback of Q4U to you, based on your own call centre statistics, sales rates and sales value.

Please contact us for a FREE Call Centre Callbacks payback assessment.

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