Callbacks Q4U
Hang up now, your position is maintained in the queue and an agent calls YOU when it is your turn.
- Fully integrated in Avaya, Genesys or Cisco contact centre
- Increase customer service level with same agents.
- Reports and real-time displays
- Integrate a "callback button" on your web site.
- Express version available to get you started.
CRM Integration
Improved efficiency for both inbound and outbound telephony activity.
- CRM embedded progressive Sales dialer
- Store all your telephony statistics in your CRM
- Dial from your CRM
- Inbound screenpop
- CRM embedded softphone
Professional Services for Contact Centres
Proven Avaya and Cisco experts to help with your contact centre projects.
Robust reliable solutions assured, no matter how simple or complex the project.

Our company provides Professional Solutions for Cisco, Genesys and Avaya contact centres. Our three solution focus areas are Professional Services, Call Centre Callbacks and CRM Integration.

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